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7 quick ways to use minimalism as a tool for happiness

Minimalism as a tool for more happiness
Probably you’ve heard of minimalism, a trend of reducing number of possessions with aim to focus on what matters most and create more space for meaningful things.

Perhaps you even like the idea, but it seems a bit overly ambitious or strict, or perhaps something that takes too much time and focus?

How about taking a moment to think about how can you use minimalism, with a few simple tools and questions, to create more space and enrich your life with more meaning and joy?

Here is 7 tools which can help you to explore this concept in a gentle, slow and happiness-supporting way – do start from the one that feels most appealing and exciting.

7 quick and practical ways to use minimalism as a tool for happiness

1. Take a regular small chunk of time for a reflection session on “what really matters?” and “what is most important for me?”.
A wonderful way of exploring this can also be with “+/-/?” exercise (coming up to this blog on 16th of May) – and than taking a chunk of time after several weeks to analyse your answers.

2. Throughout your day, do a quick mindful check in with yourself within your day with a question “what matters most to me right now?”

3. Take a day or a weekend to declutter your possessions.
Let the question “Which of my possessions truly contribute to quality of my life or give me joy?” guide you.
If needed, ask Marie Kondo for help.

4. Ask yourself “Who are the people with whom I wish to spend more (quality) time? Who are the ones who I wish to spend less time with?” Be honest. Act accordingly.

5. Take a couple of minutes to think: “Which of my life areas suffers most from being too crowded, busy, too packed?”
Here is an example of some areas you could be reflecting on:
• my (physical) living space
• my (physical) working space
• my relationships
• my time/ my activities
• my to-do list or calendar
• my “me-time”
• my food habits
• my digital world (aka my laptop)

Take a moment to plan how to simplify that life area.

6. Ask yourself “What is one thing, habit or person that, if removed from my life, would give me more space and happiness? Am I ready to let it go?”. Reflect a bit on your answer.

7. Ask yourself “What do I wish to spend more of my time on?” and then “How can I create that time and space? What do I need to let go off for that to happen?”. Let the joy guide you.

The most important thing is to enjoy this process – take it as a self-discovery about what matters to your most, and an exercise in letting go of things and relationships that do not fulfil you anymore.

How about you?

Which of these tips do you like most and would like to do more of?
Any other tools that you can add to this list?

Do share in comments – but also to start a conversation in our Positive Psychology Tribe virtual community for meaningful conversations.

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