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5 tips to keep you brain strong and sharp

Our brain! One of the most important organs, an organ that makes us who we are, is an organ that we use so much every day….how do we keep it strong and sharp? 


Is there something that we can do to make sure our brain is strong and sharp? Well yes! Many things! And in this article, we will detail a few things that you can do!

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1. Move, move, move (or at least minimise sitting) 🤸

Sitting significantly diminishes flow of oxygen to brain already after 20 minutes.


When sitting for 8-10h daily, and then doing 1h intense sport (even if daily) does not resolve the damage done by sitting.


The solution is to MOVE throughout the day.


Movement in every break, work on standing desk, walking meetings and calls… do add to the list of ideas how to MOVE more regularly 🙂

2. Do something new every day 🧩

Small things count! Brush your teeth with the “wrong” hand. Take a different route to work or supermarket. Read a magazine you normally wouldn’t read. Solve a puzzle or riddle (different than usual). Or, the most powerful option: have a deep, meaningful, innovative conversation.


Puzzles and games are great. Quality of human connection and interaction is irreplaceable.

3. Keep on learning 📚

Picking up a bit longer learning “journey” – being it learning a new skill, language, attending a course or developing new ability on your own – gives us a great framework for our brain to keep on “stretching”.

4. Expose yourself to nature 🍃 and silence

Our eyes, our body, our minds are not build for eternal amount of stimulus that we are receiving, nor for “urban” spaces.


Give it a rest, change to recharge and space by creating time in nature, and time in silence.

5. Check in with yourself 🧘‍♂️

Stress is such an everyday habit for many of us that we don’t even notice that we are rushed or stressed.


Create micro-moments in your day in which you slow down. It can be very simple:

  • using a moment at a traffic light or when washing your hands to ask yourself what are you grateful for

  • checking in your breathing and tension in your shoulders and jaw several times throughout the day

  • monitor yourself during activities that you know are stressful for you

  • doing small things in the day deliberately slowly and mindfully (eg breakfast, 10 min reading, etc)

  • meditating or trying out progressive muscle relaxation exercises or different breathing exercises

Our brain 🧠 is one of the most priceless gifts that we have in our life. It literally CREATES our world and reality.


It is the key ingredient and influence in our quality of life.


It is well worth of taking better care of it!

Moment to reflect

  • Which one will you do already today?

  • And what other tips and ideas do you have to keep your brain “charged”?

  • What do you do for your brain?

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