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5 books that made me a better person

5 books that made me a little bit better person
You know that feeling when you come across a book, and it totally draws you in, full immersion, and creates couple of “aha” moments – but all of these moments being a very gentle natural soft “aha”’s, no shocks or surprises, no feeling like you discovered something crazy new, but more sort of coming back to some deep knowledge that you always had?

These five were that kind of books for me. I am happy to share them with you – please, don’t follow my recommendation, but primarily listen to your own feeling about which of these are appealing to you.

1. Courtney Carver: Soulful Simplicity
Vulnerable, honest, courageous, gentle, clear, and absolutely beautiful, this book will inspire you to explore simpler but deeper life, while truly enjoying that journey of rediscovery of your true loves and priorities.

Blog post coming up on 11th of July 2019.


2. Kamal Ravikant: Love yourself like your life depends on it
This book is short, sweet, to the point, full of gentle determination.

Kamal’s voice of an entrepreneur comes across as full of courage yet gentleness, making the choice of loving yourself the most natural yet challenging choice.

The exercise is inspired by an exercise from this book.

3. Christopher McDougall: Born to run
Whenever I need to boost my running motivation, this is my go-to book.
While it does not bring in any crazy discoveries or learnings, it makes running so light, natural, playful that it always make me want to just go for it and make running an essential part of my life.



4. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt: Oscar and the lady in pink
Touching yet funny, deep yet light, this book is really a masterpiece. I got it a long time ago as a gift from a dear friend and I keep on re-reading it and always finding a spark of inspiration and humanity in it, together with an occasional deep laughter.
Despite of my minimalistic approach of decreasing number of books I own, this one keeps on staying with me :).


5. Jesse Itzler: Living with a SEAL
For inspiration on crazy determination, on stepping way over your limits – and actually starting to see your limits in a whole different way – for chasing crazy goals and habits, for creating mental breakthroughs and challenging yourself on a whole new level…… but perhaps not the best choice of a book of self-compassion is what you are focusing on developing 🙂


I hope some of these books will inspire you to – and that this post will give you a bit of motivation to look for new great books out there and to remember to appreciate them for all the amazing things that they can offer us 🙂

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How about you?

Which books inspired you lately and why? We would love to hear your list and recommendations!

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