Explore the 10 foundations of resilience

Resilience is about how one deals with stress, limitations, challenging situations, loss, significant life changes (such as aging) and even death. One of the most straightforward and practical definitions is that resilience describes a person’s capacity to cope with changes and challenges and to bounce back during difficult times.

What would you say that are the foundations that impact out resilience and mental toughness?

Check the 10 “big ones” list according to the positive psychology research. 👉

If you are looking to explore your own mechanisms of resilience, a good way to start is to take this list and reflect on each of the 10 foundations and ask yourself how am I doing with this aspect?

You can download 10 Foundations of Resilience here.

People who have high resilience thrive in tough times, readily accept challenge, learn from experiences, are being more persistent and happier.

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The Art of Resilience: How to thrive in challenging times course

Looking to stengthen your resilience muscle in an experiential training program? Join us for this online course and build your resilience and mental strength with practical, research-based tools.

Being resilient means to deal well with life and all the challenges it brings us. 

The Art of Resilience online course will help you to look for more in life than just go through the motions. It will support you in finding your way to thrive in every aspect of life. You will learn how to use a range of science-based tools and techniques for mindset and resilience that will enable you to find more meaning, joy, and strength in the way you experience life.

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