My Remarkable Year

Strenghten your self-development, wellbeing, goals, habits throughout a year by joinining the Happiness Academy wellbeing and self-development group

Are you looking for more accountability, consistency and motivation in achieving your goals? Would you like to keep a more continuous focus on your self-development and wellbeing? Would you benefit from meeting each month with a group of like-minded, inspiring individuals who can support you on this journey and give you new perspectives and ideas?


If yes, read on, because this journey is designed specifically for you!


 Now, add to these answers a layer of enjoying those meaningful conversations and interaction with great people and engaging moments together. That is how My Remarkable Year journey will look like. 

Who is this group for?

For individuals working on their

  1. self-development,
  2. wellbeing,
  3. and being proactive about their goals and impact in life.

For those who want to do all the 3 with a bit more consistency, and with the accountability, support and motivation of an inspiring small group. 

If you are an alumni of any of our courses then you might find this even more relevant and something that speaks to your needs. 


How is this different from the courses we usually provide?

This group is here to provide longer continuity and consistency in using the powerful tools you took either from one of our courses or any other resources, turning tools into habits.

It has a longer follow-up on building new habits.  Yet, with less intensity and time investment than with weekly calls, as we usually do during our courses. 

It’s a group that can support you in applying the life plan you’ve made either in Life Design workshop or through other resources more effectively, and with balanced focus between wellbeing, goals and self-development 

In other words – this program is designed for anyone looking for consistency in their self-development, wellbeing and work on their goals, while making that journey light, engaging and with fairly low monthly time investment per year.

Why should I join?

By joining, you will strengthen three main areas:

  1. Your self-development
  2. Your wellbeing
  3. Your achievement towards your goals 

The first two are our primary focus: this group is designed to support you in working on your self-development throughout the year and in continuously refocusing on your wellbeing in different life aspects. 

However, as creating things that are meaningful to us and achieving our goals is an important part of our wellbeing and happiness, we are definitely also including  a supportive element towards each other in achieving our goals and looking into how we can do that more effectively. 


Benefits of joining the group are:

  • a structured, engaging, dedicated time for self-development with like-minded people to discuss new ideas and tools

  • motivation and clarity towards your goals

  • accountability to really work on your goals

  • consistency in working on your habits, self-development and wellbeing

  • ideas, motivation from others – also positive vibes and positive energy

  • growing your skills and knowledge and perspectives

  • gaining new tools to work on your self-development, wellbeing and goals

  • networking; meeting a great group of people

  • support from a group, being part of a community of like-minded people

  • building more intentionality about the way you want to show up in life
  • and many more as it also depends on you, since this is a journey that will be very much shaped by your needs, wishes and preferences too 

What does it look like?

The year starts with going through your Life Design on a Happiness Academy workshop or Life Design Reconnect
(if you’ve been to Life Design with Happiness Academy already).


That will enable you to have clarity on your priorities and what you wish to focus on.


It also gives us a precise format to share and exchange our goals and intentions with the rest of the group. 

Monthly zoom calls are facilitated, yet highly dependent on the needs and preferences of the group.

Each call will contain tangible new tools that you learn, as well as have space for sharing, reflection and re-focus on your individual goals and needs. 

It’s a combination of learning new tools,  personal reflection, sharing and exchanging perspectives, peer accountability, support, inspiration and connecting with amazing people, all wrap up into one. 

What will I learn and strengthen?

At each call we have a theme on which we focus on.


Topics will be chosen in accordance with the group needs and preferences.


Here are some examples what they might entail: strengthening own willpower, fitness, using our body to create more wellbeing, mindset and thinking habits, re-focusing on flow and joy, sharpening on focus, re-focusing on your wellbeing, tips & tools to get better at following through on your goals, discovering how to build more motivation, communication tools and skill to better connect with people in our life, etc.

While each call will have it’s “flavour”, we will be working on following topics throughout the year:

  • continuous reflection and intentionality about the way you want to live 
  • connecting different sizes of the goals and habits, so that we balance “big picture”
  • motivation with clear focus on the next steps 
  • habits building and strengthening our own willpower
  • growth mindset
  • relationship with self (and others)
  • mindfulness and savouring enjoyable aspects of life
  • any other wellbeing and self-development topic that you set as a priority

While there is new knowledge to be gained by participating, the primary focus is on turning knowledge and tools into actions and habits, with consistency, new insights, feedback and support.

Between monthly calls, you will have the support of your buddy, as well as often a mid-month email check in with short prerecorded video to remind you of the main learnings.

This will be light on your time, while a great way of maintaining consistency and continuity in your self-development. 

Apart from new tools, it is rich with motivation, exchange of ideas, learning from others’ perspectives and best practices.

Who should attend?

The short answer is: anyone who would like to intentionally design the life they want to live.

Most of our participants seem to fall into three broad categories:

those creating a new path in life (planning a big change or transition),

those wanting to get back on track of what they wanted out of life (yet somehow got a bit distracted from that path)

and those insecure about what they want out of their life (and which career and life plan to pursue).

What does the course look like?

Group: 8 attendees

Meets virtually once per month for 2h call, at the beginning of the month 

Facilitated, but also peer driven, with a lot of support, ideas and perspectives from other group members. 

Signups are open throughout November, closing on 8th of December, the program starting in January 2023. 

Fee: 480€ (20% discount for any Happiness Academy course alumni who finished a course within the last year) 

The fee includes:

  • 12 calls (one call at the beginning of each month, starting in January 2023)

  • between the calls emails and short videos

  • 1 Life Design workshop, or 1 Life Design Reconnect workshop, that is done before the 12 calls
    (in December 2022 or January 2023) 

What is expected from you?

In this closely-knit format of group work, it is essential that everyone shows up and keeps an honest and positive conversation

You are invited to show up with an open-minded, supportive attitude, in a committed way, bringing in your full authentic self, as well as readiness to challenge yourself and others in a constructive way. 

The only commitment required from you is to be present and active on most of the 2h monthly calls throughout the year. 

In a case missing out a call, you will get a light, individual follow up for that specific call. 

For optional activities and exercises in-between, there will be no expectations that everyone does these. 

About the trainer

This program will be facilitated by Mirna Smidt – the head trainer and founder at Happiness Academy. 

Mirna is a trainer with 12 year of experience in training, a coach, NLP Master Practitioner, MsC of Applied Positive Psychology and totally in love with learning.

As a trainer, Mirna is focused on positive psychology topics (wellbeing, resilience, flow, mindset), as well as train-the-trainer topics (basic and advanced skills for trainers). 

On a personal note, she loves learning, books, adventures, outdoor sports, nature, sea, horses and meaningful conversations. 

If you haven’t met Mirna yet, you can discover more about her on Happiness Academy website, www.mirnasmidt.com or on Linkedin

Mirna Smidt photo

Not sure if it is the right experience for you? Taste it on a Meetup

To provide you with a bit of “tasting ground” to see if this is the right program for you, we will have a Meetup on which you can meet the individuals interested in joining and see if the group vibe fits you.

Date: 1st of December

Topic: Bucket lists & Mindfulness. 

Find the details about the Meetup here and apply by 30th of November.