International Week of Happiness At Work

19 - 25 September 2022, free online event

Join us this September at Happiness Academy on (free) webinars with main goal to work on happiness and wellbeing at work togehther. 

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Who is it for?

International Week of Happiness at Work webinars are designed for:

  • HR experts focusing on education and wellbeing of a team or an organization, 
  • team leaders, and 
  • those who are actively working on the wellbeing of their team or organization.

During the week we offer you tools and findings from the science of positive psychology, and create space to reflect and plan initiatives (small or big) related to wellbeing at work.

We love supporting you in those initiatives – so do get in touch if you would like to discuss your company wellbeing at work projects. 

What to expect in 2022?

This year, at Happiness Academy we will mark the International Week of Happiness at Work with two 30 minutes webinars.

Both webinars will be pre-recorded and sent to you on 15th of September – yet available for limited period of time (until 25th of September), so do make sure to save the date in your calendars!

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Webinar topics for 2022:

Webinar #1: Preventing burnout: strategies to support your team

As the line between work and home became more blurred throughout Covid pandemic, and a whole new set of challenges showed up in the way we work, burnout is on the rise as one of the biggest threats to employee’s wellbeing. 

What strategies can we put in place to support the team in maintaining their wellbeing and prevent burnout?

The strategies shared in this webinar will range from long-term to quick practical tips. 

All of the ideas shared are based on the science of positive psychology, and focused to be applicable and relevant in a modern workplace.

They will help you sustainably prevent burnout and over-tiredness of employees, as well as maintain a high wellbeing of your team. 

The webinar is designed for HR experts who are focused on team’s wellbeing and education, as well as team leaders who share similar responsibilities.


Webinar #2: High performance teams: how to keep motivation & engagement sustainable

Stagnation and loss of motivation can happen even on the job the person loves – just because it’s starting to feel like the “same old” occasionally. 

High performance suffers when individuals slip into boredom of everyday routine or stress when challenges are too many. Decline of engagement follows. 

How can you avoid that and support employees in creating workdays that are rich in flow? 

Flow is a mental state in which people feel engaged, immersed, motivated in the activities that they are doing – and it is strongly related with high performance.

Science of positive psychology gives us a “recipe” on how to keep on creating state of flow. 

In this webinar, you will discover:

  1. Why high performance teams can be challenging to maintain sustainably, and what are the main dangers
  2. the recipe – new and refreshed approach to keep high performance, engagement and motivation sustainable
  3. five practical tools to support team members in maintaining flow and keeping high performance and motivation in a sustainable way

The webinar is designed for HR experts who are focused on teams wellbeing and education, as well as team leaders who share similar responsibilities.


While the 2022 event is still ahead of us, you can still watch the webinar recordings from previous years – simply sign up below for this year’s event, and the (free) webinar recordings are coming directly to your inbox.

About Mirna, the trainer at International Week of Happiness at Work 2022

Mirna Šmidt is a trainer of positive psychology and train-the-trainer, and the founder of Happiness Academy  and Trainers Toolbox.

She is passionate about building learning experiences that are deep, engaging, enjoyable, and science-based. She graduated from MAPP (MsC of Applied Positive Psychology) on the topic of building training for flow.

Mirna worked on the training of flow and positive psychology with many individuals, startups and companies across Europe, with clients such as Cisco, Impact Hub, Molson Coors, Loreal, and several Universities.

As a speaker, she spoke on conferences such as World Global Health Day Festival in London City Hall, Women in Data Science in Zurich, Hive Global Leaders Summit in Berlin and Bucharest, Positive psychology conference in Zagreb, Global Women IBM panel in Zagreb, ENTEG (ENgineering & TEchnology institute Groningen) Day at University of Groningen, Elle Fashion Dinner in Belgrade and many more.

She delivered a TEDx talk on the topic of The Way to Fulfilled Life.

What happened in the previous years at International Week of Happiness at Work?

Here are the topics we delivered in the previous years. Sounds interesting? You can still sign up for the recordings. 

International Week of Happiness At Work 2021 - Webinars delivered

6 foundations of wellbeing at work

At this webinar, we will dive into the big picture of wellbeing at work: what are the 6 important foundations of wellbeing at work? How can we approach building these?

While the webinar will be focused on the bigger picture, it will also give you a chance to reflect through meaningful questions on how is each of these cornerstones working out in your own team or organization. You will be provided with several practical tips and tools to strengthen each of the 6 foundations of wellbeing at work.

This webinar will give you new tools, ideas and perspectives on wellbeing at work – and all of this research-based.

Flow for the team: where performance meets employee satisfaction

Flow is the state of full immersion and engagement in a meaningful activity. As it is a state of high performance, but also a highly enjoyable and motivated state, it is one that has a huge positive impact on workplace teams.

The focus of this webinar will be on how to build conditions that enable more engagement and flow for the teams and individuals. We will look into both perspectives: what are the principles that you can focus on to build an environment fertile for flow, as well as what are small, practical, everyday approaches and practical tools that you can use to support your team in creating more flow for themselves.

Quick, practical tips & tools for team wellbeing that you can implement straight away, 21st of Sep @ 18 p.m. CEST

This 1h webinar will be all about quick and practical: you will get a toolbox of practical, easy, diverse tools and tips that you can bring into your workplace already this week, and boost the wellbeing fast and effective.  While the focus will be on quick and practical tools and tips – all of them research-based – you will also be able to develop them in longer-term initiatives for more sustainable wellbeing.

P.S. If you find this topic interesting, also check the recording of last years webinar with a similar topic.

International Week of Happiness at Work 2020 - Webinars delivered

In 2020, we delivered as many as 6 free sessions related to wellbeing at work.

The topics delivered:

  • Benefits of wellbeing at work: What’s in it for your business?– 1h webinar
  • Big picture of wellbeing at work: 6 foundations according to the positive psychology research – 2h interactive workshop
  • Wellbeing in IT: Common challenges and how to solve them –  2h co-creation, highly interactive workshop
  • Quick Wins for wellbeing at work: 7 practical tools you can implement right now – 1h webinar
  • Your wellbeing initiatives: Share your experiences & get ideas from others – 2h co-creative, highly interactive workshop
  • Flow @ workplace: Build an engaging environment for your team – 2h interactive workshop

Workshops were interactive and therefore not recorded – but you can always contact us if you are interested in these topics!

The recordings for two webinars are still available if you sign up below:

  • Benefits of wellbeing at work: What’s in it for your business
  • Quick Wins for wellbeing at work: 7 practical tools you can implement right now 

If you have any questions, feedback, thoughts about International Week of Happiness at Work or Happiness Academy, do not hesitate to contact us – we would love to hear from you.

Happiness at work manifesto

In case you are looking for just a bit of motivation and inspiration to approach the topic of wellbeing at work in a bit more active way, we hope that this manifesto will give your the needed boost.

happiness at work manifesto

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