The Art of Resilience: Thrive in challenging times

The Art of Resilience: How to thrive in challenging times

Build your resilience and mental strength with practical, research-based tools with 9 modules online course 

Living with uncertainty is hard. Yet uncertainty is one of the fundamental characteristics of life.

Do you ever feel like uncertainty and life challenges stress is taking over and stealing enjoyment from your life? Does life feel a bit out of control these days? Do you feel like you are missing better ways to deal with problems in life, but also to nail your goals?

We all do. This year more than ever.

Discover ways that will enable you to thrive in the face of challenges and uncertainty. Enrich your toolbox with new science-based tools that will make your thinking more resilient and give you more options to deal with uncertainty and challenges.

If that sounds easier said than done, we are here to help!

Join us at an online course The Art of Resilience: How to thrive in challenging times and within two months of extensive learning which will build your resilience muscles learn how to go through life challenges with serenity and smile!

What is this course all about?

The Art of Resilience online course will help you to look for more in life than just go through the motions. It will support you in finding your way to thrive in every aspect of life. You will learn how to use a range of science-based tools and techniques for mindset and resilience that will enable you to find more meaning, joy, and strength in the way you experience life.

The power of resilience

Being resilient means to deal well with life and all the challenges it brings us. 

It means being able to face life challenges in a powerful and empowered way, but also to be proactive and mentally strong in building your own life and achieving your own goals. 

It means to thrive in life – and not merely survive until the next day.

In the core of resilience lies our mindset and thinking patterns, our self-awareness, confidence and our relationship with ourselves.

Additionally,  resilience is not only the ability to deal with negative emotions, but the ability to experience the positive emotions. It is influenced by our relationships, habits, and by our previous experiences. 

The science of positive psychology gives us a lot of understanding of how resilience works, as well as many practical and impactful ways to strengthen resilience.

Join us and you will build a versatile toolbox of powerful tools that will enable you to be flexible and creative in the face of new challenges.

Invest in yourself and your skills

The best resource that you have right now for making a contribution to the world is YOU. It is the most important resource to strengthen, protect and leverage for more resilience and wellbeing. Investing in our bodies, minds, or spirits, opens the door for leading our best lives. 

What does the course look like?

  •  9 live virtual Zoom calls, each 2h long with some light “homework” (reading or reflection) between the calls.
  • The course is starting on 30h of August 2021, going on Mondays 19-21h CET  (finishing on 8th of Nov) 
  • Course is limited to 8 participants to ensure learning in a deeply experiential way, with a lot of discussion, sharing and reflection.
  • Pricing: 280 EUR (20% discount for “12 steps to happiness” alumni or for 2 people joining together)

Applications are now open, until the 1st of August or until the group is full.

What will I learn?

You will gain a broad range of new ideas about how resilience works and how to strengthen your own resilience. You will get the tools you can apply immediately, and explore and see what works best for your unique life and style.

Learning goals of the course:

The content and tools are based on positive psychology research and evidence-based, as well as real-world-tested and build on proven methods tested on broad audience, from athletes to business (wo)men and CEOs to students.

If that sounds appealing, do not miss the chance to join us on this course!

Course outline

The virtual course happens in 9 modules, exploring the following topics:


Module 1: Explore the foundations of resilience
Discover how resilience works and the main ways of building it and strengthening it.  Explore the complexity of resilience and get ideas on how to start tackling that complexity.

Module 2: Manage your energy

Learn to build more resources and be in the right state for learning. In order to do that, you must start by building up our physical and mental resources: by recharging your energy.

Module 3: Leverage the power of thoughts

Open the topic of the mindset and learn the first tools. Mindset and thinking patterns are in the core of resilience. They enable us to gain new perspectives on the situation and solve problems. They also impact our emotions in positive ways.

Module 4: Don’t believe everything you think! 
Dive deeper into the thinking patterns and cognitive tools and abilities that will enable you to develop flexibility and powerful coping skills and strategies. You will discover thinking traps that sabotage you and learn how to deal with them.

Module 5: Cultivate emotions for resilience

Explore the world of positive emotions and learn the practical ways of creating more positive emotions in your own life, as well as how to leverage them for more resilience. We will explore the impact of positive emotions on resilience as well as the way they impact our mindset and thinking. 

Module 6: Cope with unpleasant emotions

Take value from unpleasant emotions. One of the toughest aspects of challenging situations are unpleasant emotions, which steal our energy, narrow down our thinking and just make us, well, feel bad. Yet they also bring valuable messages and can help us in many ways. In this module, you will learn how. 

Module 7:  Find meaning in uncertainty

In the darkest hour, a strong sense of meaning is the crucial element that pulls us forward. The most empowering bit in learning about meaning is discovering that meaning is something that we can actively shape, craft, build and discover. In this module, you will discover how. You will also learn how to use your strengths for more resilience.

Module 8: Strengthen your confidence and develop a resilient attitude
Confidence recharges our energy, opens up new perspectives and makes us better equipped to deal with life challenges. In this module, you will learn how to strengthen your confidence. You will also discover how to work with changing your attitude towards a situation into a more empowering one. 

Module 9: Become a chameleon – master of adaptability

Having all the tools you learned in the previous modules is hugely valuable for you resilience – but the key is in learning how to use them in a versatile, adaptable, flexible way. In this module, we will also wrap up all the learnings and create a powerful plan for your next steps.

What participants say?

As this course is just launching for the first time, we do not have participants insights yet. But, take a look here for participants thoughts on Happiness Academy “12 steps to happiness” course, which also delves into the topic of resilience, among other topics.

Romy Solomon, Project Manager, Trainer and Facilitator, Spain/USA

Mirna certainly knows her stuff! I’ve found these online webinars and courses extremely useful, interesting, and helpful. Thank you Mirna for your dedication, passion, and knowledge.

Stefan Fiedrich, Psychologist, Germany

Mirna managed to give us a broad structured and science based overview on this vitally important field of applied psychology. Always enthusiastically and engaging, with interactive discussions and personal reflections and exercises!
Even with a background as psychologist and prior knowledge in the field I learned new things and enjoy the nicely prepared and useful materials and resources.

Christoph Auernig, Software Developer, Austria

Mirna is an excellent and passionate trainer. In her training sessions you will find a fruitful atmosphere for learning, experiencing and sharing. Also, be aware that Mirna’s positive Attitude is highly contagious 😀 And last but not least, what I like most about her, that she is very authentic and lives what she preaches.

Matea Lay, Marketing Communications Manager, Croatia

I had an amazing experience with Happiness Academy course! Mirna is an amazing coach, motivated, smiling and full of energy. The course is well structured and I enjoyed learning new things. The groups are small so we all became friends and felt safe and free discussing delicate and personal topics and challenges, finding comfort and support in the group. I warmly recommend it! 🙂

Interested, but you have missed the date? Let us know by applying below and we will reach you when new dates open.

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